Wednesday, December 6, 2023

17. The One w The Best Friend.

 As I was going through the blog and making some little updates, I realized that, even though I have mentioned her in a few posts, I haven't really posted our story... and she deserves one. Especially because of how much she means to me. I might just being mushy here, a little sentimental as I put together my immigration application, but it just made me appreciate her even more for everything she has done for me, even when she didn't know she was. She's been with me thru thick and thin (literally!). And I can only hope I was there for her when she needed someone. 

Sometime in 2004
Flor and I met in high school, and even though I swear it was our freshman year, she says it was our sophomore year in 2004. Either way, we have been in each other's life for almost twenty years! 

I was first introduced to Valerie during my P.E. class. She was friendly and she made me feel comfortable so I pursued the friendship. A few months later I would meet Flor through Valerie; they had been friends for a few years. Anyway! 
Somehow someway someone asked to use their locker because it was on their way to their class in that side of the building; either I asked Valerie if I could use hers, or she asked me if this friend of hers could use mine. This friend happened to be Flor, and I managed to trick her into being my friend after Valerie moved away. I guess Flor didn't have a choice, she was stuck with me =)
I'm not sure how Flor managed to deal with me, or even to stick around. I admit I was a little obnoxious seventeen year old to her short tiny shy self. She was so quiet that this one time, I didn't know she was in a three-way call with me and Valerie until twenty minutes after.
I don't remember how it came about, but Flor and I started writing to each other in a notebook that we left in the locker for the other to read and reply. To this time I still have these notebooks, and I keep saying that I will give them to her son when he turns sixteen, the age she was when they were written. To be honest, the notebook is probably more of notes from me ranting about who knows what!

June 2023
Back to me and Flor!
From high school and classes to help us take the ACT test, going to her church, and many notes later; to becoming of legal age, going out clubbing and being random twenty year olds, but still dealing with social anxiety; to babysitting her abovementioned son that will turn sixteen next year, to helping me through one of the toughest times in my life; and going to concerts and random trips in our thirties now, I am glad she's still my friend...for many more years to come. 
Once again, she has no choice =)

Recently, I started the process for my immigration case, for which she has been a great support since day one, and I was going through pictures that sent me down memory lane. I have to admit on top of the first world advantages I have in this country, I also got the privilege to meet and still have as friends this woman that no matter how long we have not seen each other, we pick up right where we left off. 

So this is it. The story of a friendship that I plan to make last for more years to come. I also plan to sneak her out of the nursing home so we can go see Mumford & Sons in Colorado one last time.

But in the meantime... we will enjoy the rest of our mid-twenties for another couple of decades.

                                                                                                                      [...Relax. Take It Easy. ]

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