Monday, October 31, 2022


             WHAT'S GOING ON, OMAHA!

                                                              WELCOME BACK!

     Today I want to talk about recent happenings that relate to the  picture to the left, sadly enough. So had had happened was...

Matt Maeson - I don't recall how I ran into his music, and I never thought I would be able to see him play live because he's somewhat unknown. What are the odds that he would be coming to town that same year I "discovered him". 

There is an inside joke here; let's pause so I share it with you.
It was probably a decade after Mumford & Sons rose to fame when the BFF texted me to tell me all bout this "new" band she 'discovered'. Then, in 2019 we drove overnight to Denver to see them in concert, and somehow we also ended up seeing them play a small show at the Twist & Shout Records store! I don't know how we found out about that private show, and we definitely did not have tickets, but we intended to sneak our way in. The store was open to the public until a certain time when the band would start playing, but there were so many people that they ended up moving more isles and allowing them all to stay. This was pure luck! 
Mumford & Sons.

Right after their concert, we went straight to our hotel because we had to get up early and drive back home for me to see Matt Maeson at the MAHA Festival. He was so good and I have been hooked since. It was a crazy weekend for sure, but it was fate for both of us to see the bands we discovered which has been our ongoing joke. So far, I think she has beat me - she introduced me to Great Lake Swimmers, Trevor Hall, The War on Drugs, and Blue October.
Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, I put myself out there and I had a great time. However, it's not always that easy; yes, I know, at my age and I still let my anxiety take over and keep me from having a good time. I've missed family gatherings, friends outings, work events, and shows because I get stuck in my head. The most recent was Matt Maeson coming back to town, headlining his sold-out show. I just couldn't make it out the door. I didn't have someone to go with and I was not about to go alone! Don't get me wrong, I have managed to show up to places where I know no one and I am by myself, but it just drains all the energy out of my body. I am working on it and I am making progress, just be patient with me. I'll get there. 


The Homies
 To wrap it up and close the circle - the quote in the picture at the top holds so much truth and wisdom. I ought to have it tattooed on my forehead to remind myself to live it up and make memories. I have good friends and I think I am selective with the people I follow. I just have to get out of my head... and... 

[... Relax. Take it Easy. ]


  1. 💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤 I love the quote you chose. It resonates with me too and I think so many people can relate as well.

    1. -- I know, right?! I loved it from the second I saw it. I just had to make it part of this post. Thanks for the read.