My name is Adrian X Fuentess.

I am a writer living in Nebraska. 
You can follow me on all my social media posted to the right for updates. 

Here are a few facts about me. 
I'll keep adding more as time goes by so keep on checking in!

  • STAND BY ME (1986) is my favorite movie. 
  • DAWSON'S CREEK is my all-time favorite show.
  • Lady Gaga, Gloria Trevi, Ed Sheeran, Phillip Phillips, Matt Maeson, and Graham Colton are my favorite singers.
  • "Learning to Let Go" by Kesha is my favorite song, as of September 2017.
  • My guilty pleasure is Bad Girls Club. 
  • I adore Audrey Hepburn and Maria Felix.
  • I intend to be on Big Brother (CBS reality show).
  • A book based on real and personal events is on the works.
  • I am obsessed with British accents and TV shows.
  • I enjoy local shows.
  • Proud human to two beautiful handsome dogs (pictured below)
    • As of April 2020, Charlie has passed away. He will be missed and he's loved by many.
  • Newlywed since 2017.
  • Class of 2007. Go Bunnies!
  • I am a Bookworm, LGBTQ ally, dog lover, blogger, vlogger, and motivational speaker (to-be).


                 This is Charlie                                                 This is me                                             This is Frankie


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