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    I notice we have been talking about very heavy things in the past posts so I thought I could go through my 'LIKED' Playlist ON Spotify and choose the first seven songs on Shuffle and tell you why I heart them. What do you think? Well, I'm still going to do it,  so... yeah... here we go!

1. "PELIGROSO" By Nick Bolt.
    This song is the closing credits for the movie 'SIN FILTRO' ('UNFILTERED') from Chile. It was funny and heartfelt. After having one hell of a day, a thirty-something-year-old woman learns the consequences from saying everything she ever kept to herself. The song talks about being free and not giving a fuck (which does not mean we don't care; on the contrary, we are OK with being different). It's just a powerful song.

2. "FAT, FEM, AND ASIAN" By Lucian Piane.
    Originally created for the final lip-synch of Kim Chi after placing Top 3 in the RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8. Based on the negative stereotypes of the Asian community in dating apps, Kim Chi left us gagging with such a beautiful gown, make-up, and last minute of the performance. 
Why did I heart this song? Well, it's another powerful song. It reminds me to continue to be myself because there is no one else like me.

3. "LAMENTO BOLIVIANO" By Los Enanitos Verdes.
    Ever since I can recollect memories I have been super dramatic (gasp in gay). Shocker. I can't remember how old I was the first time I heard this song, but I know I connected with the rhythm. It took me places lol I don't know how to explain it. Of course, the lyrics in the first part of the song was my hymn growing up and I don't know why. I mean, I had a decent childhood. Basically, it states that no matter how many times I'm pushed around, I will keep on going. 
I am talking my childhood through with my therapist and there are a few things I need to confront and 're-wire', but it's going to be hard work. We have touched a couple things and I don't think I am ready quite yet. I guess there is something in my so-called 'normal' growing up. 

4. "EL RECUENTO DE LOS DANOS" By Gloria Trevi.
    Gloria is one of my favorite singers of all time. Some may know the decade-long story  that  ended her career. After her acquittal on lack of evidence and release from jail,  Gloria strikes back and resumes her career with the support form her fans who never doubted her innocence. I believe this particular song clearly describes the toxic relationship she had with her manager - from the physical and sexual abuse, to the horrific memories of miscarriage.
I told you I am dramatic! Anyway, Gloria really gets you in your feelings when you listen to this song. 

5. "THIS MORNING" By Lucas Nord.
    I guess I really liked the beat of this song because I have no recollection of it haha 
It's very catchy and chill so I am not surprised why I heart it. Although some people might think I'm just being pretentious because I want to be the first in my friend group to know of a singer. Or because I find the singer attractive. And they're not wrong, but still... lol kidding. I'm just saying, if I like a song, I like the song. There is nothing else to it. One huge example of this - I had no idea what Phillip Phillips looked like or where he came from; I just knew I like the song "Home". The rest was a plus. 
Anyway! I still don't know who Lucas is or what he looks like. I just listened to the song again and I can see why I added it.

6. "TURN IT UP" By The Wrecks.
    I do not recollect when I started liking this band, but I looked into it and their music just resonated with me and I kept on listening. Twice they came to town and I couldn't make it to either one - even when I already had tickets and I was ready. Damn anxiety! I WAS READY TO GO, Y'ALL! But I just couldn't get myself out the door. I regret it every time I remember, but I can't explain to you how much stress I was under just thinking about it.
It's like, I want to breathe and it's too much air to inhale and I can't manage to take one breath at the time. It's having a rock on your chest and can't move your stomach gets smaller and your insides threaten to come out shooting out your mouth, but they don't; they just sit in your throat. And you sweat and you shake and your heads pounds and every pore in your skin opens up and you can feel them emanate the heat and the cold at the same time, but not really. 
So yeah, that's the story behind The Wrecks.

7. "HISTERIA" By Lali.
    Another song that I have no idea how it got to my playlist, but I still like.

But yeah... this is it. 
What are some songs you like and why?

[ ...Relax. Take it Easy. ]

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