Friday, May 1, 2020

Stay Home.

     To avoid going into details, all I continue to ask everyone is to stay home.

     This past week has been tough for my family as we lost one of our loved ones. Due to the situation affecting the entire country (the entire world, as matter of fact), we were unable to attend their funeral; we concluded to  a virtual gathering with the family (from Chicago, Maryland, New York, and Mexico. Of course, Nebraska too).

Regardless of what you believe about COVID-19, there are theories thrown around, we still shouldn't leave our houses except for work (those who must), or at all. It is a way to help with the cause and get out of this together; yet people doesn't want to follow through UNTIL it happens to them. Because people like this, we haven't been successful to decrease the number of cases; because of people like this, we didn't get a chance to be with each other in this time of grief. It may come off selfish, but I cannot think otherwise while I am processing this loss.

On the other hand, I work in the health care field and the impact of this pandemic has affected us on several levels. We must follow procedure and recommendation from the CDC and providers. Again, whatever beliefs you may have regarding this issue, it is not the time to be testing them. I understand some of y'all might be concerned with the loss of jobs (my mom was laid off and it's been hard to keep up financially), but I strongly believe if we followed through, we would come out of this sooner and go back to "normal"; that should be the big picture we all should be looking at. Leave your ego at the door; keep your "the government this, the government that.. etc." to yourself for a bit, and do your part to help end this situation. We're all in this together.

Just a final reminder - STAY HOME.

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