Saturday, June 29, 2019

Find The Andy

Prom 2007:Mitch's Grad Party

  Anyone that knows Andy knows that we can count on her to ALWAYS have a fun time. Her lively spirit and contagious laughter brings you to life, and I am going to miss that. Now calm down, she is still with us --she just moved to California. For this and so much more, I am SO PROUD of her. 



     It's been awhile since last time I have posted, not that anyone cares or keeps tabs, but I am back! And this time is to stick around. That's the plan anyway. Let's take it one day at the time, as I always say. 

Okay, so as I type this, my dear Andy has made it and become an official California resident. You may ask why I am talking about Andy on my first post back to the blog. Well, as I hugged her goodbye (more like a 'I'll see you around') kind of hug, I realized how much I learned from Andy and how proud I am as a gay man, to work hard and always follow your dreams, and how much stronger I can become. I met her, I believe, back in late 2012, as a bank teller and my life has not been the same since. My (back then boyfriend and now) husband was obsessed from that same day he met her when she was waiting with me for him to pick me up. "I'm making sure he doesn't get raped," she told him, as I was standing by myself in the isolated and dark street. Our sense of humor just clicked. I was obsessed too. Life goes on and I tried to hang out as much as I could with her; any excuse I had and I was available, I tried to be there. When I couldn't be there, I felt incomplete and like I failed her. I guess it's true when they say that sometimes to someone you are the whole world; and that's Andy for me. The short time we've known each other, she's come to mean so much to me. And as I hugged her last weekend, I felt like a piece of my heart was torn.

So I'll avoid the tears as I am typing this and smile.

So this is why I am talking about Andy: as I got ready for Pride celebration, I kept thinking about her and how gay she is and how gay I am, and I will always have a very gay time. 

Remember, peeps, Life goes on. Stay strong and keep on moving forward.
Think back and find your Andy in your friends. Find the Andy within yourself.


A very gay writer.



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