Saturday, April 11, 2020

The (One of Too Many) Come Back.

Hey Omaha! What's Going On!


It's been a minute since last we talked, quite possibly going on a year.
Awful. I know. What kind of writer am I? 
Even worse, the nerve to call myself a writer when I don't do what I'm supposed to be doing which is WRITING! 

Let's start from the beginning - I am sure I am not the only one who sometimes feels lost and unmotivated. 
I mean, I hope not, but I also want to believe I am not alone. 
Several times I have tried to get back on the writing horse, but as soon as I sit in front of my laptop, I draw a blank. Nothing. I kept thinking that it's just procrastination, or simply laziness; however, as I type this, it hit me. It is neither of those reasons I just mentioned. It's my insecurity. My IF's.
What IF no one reads my posts?
What IF no one likes what I want to share?
What IF no one cares?
All of those IF's kicked my anxiety to its highest and it blocked my creativity. 

Another reason, when I manage to pull through the anxiety, I keep fighting even as I type this paragraph, is the format I want to follow for this blog. I settled with Blogger for the layout of the website because it's easier and simple. I struggled with the theme and the content itself. So much to keep in mind and track of. I just don't want to lose the reader in a bunch of tabs and links. And THEN... the format for the actual posts.

That being said, taking into consideration all of my IFs, my anxiety, my fears, and my need to control everything, I have concluded that I am going to follow whatever format I want because I am doing this for myself. Writing is the outlet for everything I keep in my head. It's one of my constants in this crazy unpredictable world. 
In the meantime, I will keep adding to my ABOUT ME tab so I can remind myself who I am and why I keep going forward. You can visit that tab to know more facts about me, if you want.

Back to the writing part - I decided to write a weekly post as a magazine-like format which to me, it looks just like this post you're reading. I will catch up on what's going on with Life, and then move on to a main topic.
Today's topic was the reason why I have been absent, or not writing at all.
You will find the newest post in the HOME tab of course.

I do have planned to keep the post short and simple, and if there is a longer topic to talk about, we will follow a link for the whole "article", or whatever you want to call it. You can also find them under the tabs above, depending on what the theme is.
Per exampleBE AS YOU ARE tab will have the list of posts with positive messages, an encouragement to be okay with who you are. 
In June 2019, I wrote a post about a friend who helped me realize it's okay to be ok in my own skin. I even made it a hashtag for all my social media posts; follow the link to #FindTheAndy to read more about it. 
I also wrote a note for the people that have left a print in my soul one way or another (read the post here...)
Those are the type of posts you will find under that tab.

Way back in the very beginning of my blogging 'career' (haha), I started interviewing people that I found interesting; people that I want others to know such as my amazing friend Fatima and her journey following and working for her dreams
These interviews pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and I want to continue doing just that. I will find people in town and introduce them to you while at the same time, I will face my fear of public speaking. You can find those interviews under THE GOOD LIFE tab.

In another attempt for self-exposure, I created the HEY OMAHA! tab under which you will find posts about events happening in town. As of right now, as anywhere else in the world, we are going through the struggle and crisis that COVID-19 brought along. #WeAreAllinThisTogether.

[ Stay Strong, World ]                                       

Everything I do, it's for you - my handsome beautiful boy.

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